Easy One Pool Bar Cover

EASY One is a simple and economical bar cover which meets all of the requirements of a tried and tested safety solution.

Easy One Bar Cover

Easy Light Bar Cover

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Easy to use

The winding is operated by handle or effortlessly using the ROLLTROT ® engine. Average time handling: progress = 2 min / 3 min = winding.

  • Less wear due to riveted composite protective pads under the tubes.
  • Easily integrated into most existing pools or build.
  • 3 quick clicks steel tension only
  • System voltage on the tube.

No stress

Closed & locked: once in place, safety is assured. No requirement for constant attention.

Less evaporation. Better thermal balance for longer use of the pool at a lower cost. Cleaner water. Replaces the solar cover, its retractor and winter cover.


The EASY light comes with a 3 year warranty.